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Great West Retirement

Great West Retirement

Great West Retirement services provide a wide array of investment options for those planning for retirement. They offer retirement annuities, as well as life insurance annuities. They also offer investments which can used for short term income, which can then be utilized to put towards an investment account. In some cases, short term investments can provide a great boost to the amount invested in retirement annuities.

Retirement annuities are a contract between the company and the individual. The individual makes financial contributions to the annuity plan and Great West Retirement services then invests the money. The money may be taken out when the individual retires, in one lump sum. In fact, many retirees plan for this option to be sure that they have a large amount of money available upon retirement. While they may not receive as much money as they would on a payment plan, this type of annuity allows individuals to take out the money and invest it how they see fit.

Great West retirement option also include annuities which make payments to the individual after they retire. The cyclical payments last until the individual passes away or until a certain point in time, which ever comes first. This is a guaranteed source of retirement income provided by Great West retirement services.

Planning between an individual and Great West includes careful consideration of a budget plan for retirement. The annuity payments allow individuals to have additional income in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

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