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Mission of Administration on Aging

Administration On Aging

The Administration on Aging, or AoA, is an organization whose goal is to serve a growing elderly population in America. The AoA ensures the continuing service of networks on state, territory and local levels by funding lower-cost, non-medical services and support systems that provide the means for senior citizens to maintain their independence.

Their mission is to develop a coordinated, comprehensive and cost-effective system of services that helps elderly citizens in this regard in their homes and communities. The Administration on Aging is a federal agency responsible for advancing the concerns and interests of older people and their caregivers.
The AoA works with the Aging Services Network to promote the development of home and community-based long-term care that is responsive to the needs and preferences of elderly Americans. The Administration on Aging is part of the Department of Health and Human Services and is headed by the Assistant Secretary for Aging.
The elderly population in America is steadily growing. Persons 65 or over, represent 12.8% of the American population; thus, about one in every eight Americans are senior citizens. By 2030, there are projected to be 72.1 million senior citizens in America. With this large increase in the senior citizen community, the Administration on Aging continues to create and organize programs and services designed to enhance the lives of the older adult population.
Some of these programs the AoA has created are home-delivered meals programs, nutrition services in congregate settings, transportation, adult day care, legal assistance and health promotion programs. They also place ombudsmen in assisted living homes who provide an ongoing presence in long-term care facilities, monitoring care and conditions, and providing a voice for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

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