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What Are The Factors in Elder Law Development

Factors In Elder Law Development

When a population increases, efforts must be focused on addressing the needs of that population, because it becomes more difficult to ensure that all of their needs are met. Therefore, as the Because of the inherent problems with this program, and the knowledge that working individuals will be able to save more funds for retirement if Social Security taxes are abolished, many scholars, politicians, and citizens are fighting against Social Security. With the increase in health insurance costs, more elderly individuals are finding it difficult to pay for medical coverage. Many elderly individuals have retired from their jobs and are surviving on a minimal fixed income from Social Security benefits or other public benefit programs. The elderly population is more at risk for sustaining serious illness and severe disease than younger individuals. However, without health insurance, an elderly individual may be forced to pay expensive medical bills in the event that he/she must receive medical care. One trip to the hospital may cost an individual thousands of dollars if he/she does not have health insurance. In order to address this problem, the United States government developed the Medicare program and other benefit programs under the Social Security Act.

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