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What Are The Functions of Elder Law Attorneys

Functions Of Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law attorneys, based on their specific experience and training, perform legal tasks within certain fields. In order to better meet the needs of clients, an elder law attorney practices the law in several capacities and degrees of expertise.

One of the primary functions of elder law attorneys, and attorneys in general, is to educate and advise clients on courses of action. This may relate to action that the client is seeking to take or legal action that is being imposed upon the client. An elder law attorney specializing in elder law advises the elderly, family members, and the disabled about their rights and courses of action based on their legal concerns.

Depending on the legal concerns of the client, the elder law attorney may then be asked to file legal claims or suits on his or her behalf. In this capacity, the elder law attorney submits documentation and the required forms to courts and/or other parties based on the nature of the legal claim. Under the scope of elder law this may concern willstrustsElder law also encompasses probateageism

An elder law attorney that practices elder law does so under the Federal Older Americans Act of 1965 (OAA). The OAA was created under the Johnson administration to protect the rights of the elderly and provide services for their care and welfare. It is separated into seven titles which have been drafted and amended to address the needs of the elderly.

Title I defines the goals of the OAA.

Title II created the Title III appropriates funds for the AoA and other state agencies that meet the goals defined in Title I.

Title IV created programs and efforts specific to meeting the needs of the elderly and those protected under the OAA.

Title V ensures the development of opportunities and employment for the elderly with limited financial resources.

Title VI focuses on providing funds for organizations the benefit the aging Native American community.

Title VII appropriates funding for efforts for the protection of elder rights.

Elder law attorneys work with the provisions and goals of the OAA in order to meet the needs of their clients and legally perform their jobs.

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