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National Center on Elder Abuse

National Center On Elder Abuse

In 1988, the United States Administration on Aging established the National Center on Elder Abuse to act as a resource center for information related to elder abuse and maltreatment. The Center has a storied history of elderly rights advocacy, and today, it continues to conduct thorough research in order to develop new and effective ways to prevent elder abuse.

Through this research, the National Center on Elder Abuse seeks to identify and promote successful methods of responding to and stopping cases of elder maltreatment. It assists in training authorities in the proper techniques of elder abuse response and advocates national encouragement of respect and dignity towards elders.

The Center focuses on increasing public elder abuse awareness and enlightening people about the devastating effects of elder abuse. Through these endeavors, the National Center on Elder Abuse hopes to decrease the occurrence of elder abuse in the United States, as well as provide victims of elder maltreatment with the assistance they require to successfully overcome the trauma they have experienced.

Many different partners and experts in the field of elder abuse and maltreatment work with the National Center on Elder Abuse in order to increase elder abuse awareness and compile helpful information on all aspects of elder maltreatment. The Center has established a central location to exhibit information related to all aspects of elder abuse.

By visiting the Center online, an individual can find information related to the different types of elder abuse, the effects of this maltreatment, the individuals who are most commonly responsible for this behavior and the risk factors that increase the likelihood that elder abuse will occur. By making this information available to the public, the Center is effectively increasing elder abuse awareness.

The National Center on Elder Abuse has created a periodic newsletter that they distribute to individuals across the country. This newsletter provides readers with information regarding new developments in the prevention of elder abuse. The organization also has a large online database of publications that analyze and explain a wide range of topics related to elder law.

By taking the time to explore this database, an individual can find publications on subjects including caregivers, legal guardians, financial exploitation, and victim services, just to name a few. The Center has also been involved in various coalitions, in which numerous elder abuse awareness and prevention organizations have come together with the common goal of combating elder abuse. In all, the National Center on Elder Abuse has experienced success advocating for elder rights and continues to develop new initiatives to increase elder abuse awareness.

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