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American Association of Retired Persons

American Association Of Retired Persons

The American Association of retired persons is an organization which offers many benefits to retirees. For example, AARP has a magazine which includes articles that can provide valuable information to retirees. In addition, they offer discounts to members, such as travel discounts. The American Association of retired persons also lobbies for laws which have a positive impact for the elderly.

The American Association of retired persons has many members in the United States. Paid memberships entitle those members to many benefits. One of the largest benefits is the myriad of discount programs offered through AARP. Members can receive travel discounts including reduced cost for hotels, cruises and rental cars.

AARP members also have access to programs such as the road side assistance program which provides emergency road side service. That program also helps members to receive discounted repairs at facilities that accept the membership card as part of a discount program.

Medicare supplemental programs are also offered through AARP. The supplemental program offers members the opportunity to add coverage to Medicare, such as prescription coverage and dental coverage. They may also receive compensation for co-payments paid to doctors, as well as Medicare deductibles.

AARP also offers magazines to members which provide valuable information for retirees. The magazine frequently covers issues, such as changes in laws which effect the elderly, as well as changes to programs such as Medicare.

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