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What Does The AARP Magazine Include

Aarp Magazine

AARP magazine is automatically sent to paid members. The magazine contains many articles which apply to issues faced by the elderly. In addition, there are opinion articles which can lead to discussions, as well as valuable financial information for retired individuals.

AARP membership includes many benefits, including discounts and road side assistance programs. AARP membership also includes access to Medicare supplemental plans. AARP bulletins include valuable information about these programs, including any changes to the program.

Both the AARP magazine and the AARP bulletin allows members to keep up to date on issues that effect their daily lives. For instance, AARP would include coverage of any changes to Medicare, including changes in co-payments. The magazine may also explain the many Medicare options available, including AARP supplemental coverage.

The AARP magazine also covers issues that effect Social Security income. For instance, the magazine may discuss the fact that there will be no cost of living increase for recipients in the coming year. The magazine may helps retirees to explore budget options to make up for that shortfall.

Often, AARP discusses political issues. For example, they may interview political candidates that hope to protect the rights if retired individuals. They may also lobby for changes, such as a cost of living increase for Social Security. Within the magazine, there may be a list of politicians for members to write to when they believe in the same causes.

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