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What Are AARP Discounts

Aarp Discounts

AARP discounts can be utilized on a variety of items. AARP membership includes access to discount programs for retailers. There are also also discounts available for movies and other forms of entertainment. In fact, AARP works with several companies to offer discounts to those with a valid AARP membership.

There are some AARP discount programs that are very popular with AARP members. One of the most utilized discounts is the travel discount which allows individuals to enjoy travel to many destinations at a discounted price.

Discounted travel can be utilized in a group, for a solo trip or on tours. In fact, the tour groups travel options are very popular among AARP members.There are also discounts available on rental cars.

AARP members can receive discounts on Medicare supplemental insurance. The supplemental insurance may cover things not covered by traditional Medicare, such as dental and vision treatments. In addition, Medicare supplemental insurance may also cover some deductibles and co-payments which are not covered by Medicare.

This insurance can be utilized as a cost saving measure for those covered under Medicare. AARP does not have its own insurance company and instead works with individuals and insurance companies to offer a discounted Medicare supplemental insurance.

AARP offers members many benefits, including discounted road side assistance programs. AARP membership includes a magazine which may list additional discounts, such as those available at some retailers.

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